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Our Offer Site is:  FREE FACTOR


Every FCM Member needs to take the following action immediately:


1)If you don’t have a  Free Factor account  216-757-9041 to create one.

2) Complete a FREE trial offer on Free Factor to go “green”.

3) Put your Free Factor ID Number in your FCM back office under “My Personal Info” where it says “My Free Factor Number”. This will be a 5 or 6 digit number found at the end of your Free Factor referral link. For example, if your Free Factor link is / you would enter “203759″ in that box.

 4) Promote FCM!  Even if you aren’t GREEN in Free Factor yet, you can still refer others!


All of your FCM landing pages have been updated to send your traffic to Free Factor effective immediately so this is a mandatory change!


We no longer have ZNZ in our system!

If you have questions about this change, please send an email to:




Integrated auto-responder messages are now able to be fully edited by the user.

*Very Important Note* If you are using the integrated FCM auto-responder, (if you don’t know, then you ARE using it), you will need to go in to “Edit Autoresponses” in your FCM back office and select “Load ALL Active Leads Messages”.  From there you will be able to edit the individual messages or even create new messages to add to your auto-responder series!  If you don’t do this, your leads will only receive the very first Instant message.



We have switched FCM from Paypal to PAYZA

Don’t worry, you can still use Paypal as Free Factor still has the option of Paypal as payout, but Payza, we believe, is the better long-term option to use with the FCM system.

Why, you ask?

Paypal has demonstrated in recent weeks that they will not be offering their services to referral based marketers.  Worst of all, they will freeze your account without warning, shut it down, and not release your account balance for 6 months!  This very thing has happened to many FCM members and other marketers we know, and it is very concerning to us.

This is NOT a company you want to do business with, so we STRONGLY recommend switching your personal payment system to Payza just as soon as possible.

Set up your Payza  account now by visiting this page:


Don’t let Paypal do this to you!  It’s not a matter of “if”, but “when” so take action now, and switch to Payza!



Looking for some unbelievably effective and free ways to drive traffic to your FCM website?

Click HERE to Head Over to Our Traffic Generation Training Page and pick up Kim Roach’s Traffic Dashboard product. We use what she teaches in our marketing every single day with Incredible Results! The information contained in this training product is literally worth THOUSANDS of dollars! Don’t let this pass you by….



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Please add our email address to your contacts to ensure you receive all of our Free Cash Machine updates!


Watch Our Welcome Video Above

We know that you’ve made one of the best decisions of your life in getting started with this system and we’re ready to get you off to a FAST START!

If you have any questions or if your sign up ratios are low, please contact your sponsor for additional assistance on how to improve!

We are extremely thrilled and excited that our team is thriving.  We are attracting like-minded individuals and it is amazing!

For those who are just beginning, you are in the process of creating the life you want.  Most importantly, you must believe!  There are those who are born naturals at some things and then others “become.”

It is very possible.

Like I said, belief is imperative.  Those who want to be “shooting stars,” here is your path. Get your feet wet.  That’s it!  You will get the hang of it.  It’s okay to make mistakes.  We learn from them.  Just dig in and get started!!